Upcoming Elections

Partisan Primary: August 9, 2022

General: November 8, 2022

Voting FAQs

You can register to vote at the MyVote website, at the RPKC Victory Center, or at your local municipal hall or clerk’s office.

You can find your voting location on the MyVote website, or on Kenosha County’s government website.

Candidates are updated on our website as they are announced and when they provide RPKC with the necessary information.  Click here to see the candidates.

We always recommend researching all the candidates yourself, which you can do by attending meet-and-greet events such as the RPKC’s Pints and Politics, or by visiting the individual candidate’s website.  An informed opinion is the best one.  If you’re still not sure and want to make sure you’re voting strategically (and not for a RINO or a Dem in Disguise), you can follow the endorsement choices of the RPKC Executive Board when they are decided and published.  Click here to see if we have published endorsements for the next election.

“Early” and “in-person absentee” voting are the same thing, and allow citizens to vote during a period of time before the election day itself.  If you ever voted on a day that wasn’t election day, you were an “early” or “in-person absentee” voter.  You’ll be given a ballot which you will fill out and then seal in an envelope.  You’ll then hand it to the clerk rather than putting it in the mail.  It will only be opened and counted on election day.  “Absentee” voting is also done before election day, but you must request a ballot to be mailed to your home.  Then you will fill it out, have someone sign as a witness, and mail it back to your clerk’s office.  It will only be opened and counted on election day.

A primary election is one in which members of a particular political party are voting for which candidate from their party will represent them in the general election, or it can simply narrow the field in a non-partisan race. If a candidate does not have an opponent from his same party, there is no primary vote.  The general election is one in which the winners of the partisan primaries, if there are any, face off against each other.  In the state of Wisconsin, you do not have to declare or formally align yourself with a political party to vote in a primary election, but you can only vote in one party’s primary election (for example, you can vote in the Republican or Democrat primary, but not both).

Run for Office

The REDKENO Project is the RPKC’s initiative to get as many trustworthy conservatives elected to office as possible. To pursue that goal more effectively, we offer assistance to candidates at the county and municipal level in many ways.



Ron Johnson

Candidate for US Senate

Bryan Steil

Candidate for US Congress


Candidate for Governor


Candidate for Lt. Governor


Candidate for Attorney General


Candidate for Secretary of State


Orlando Owens

Candidate for WI State Treasurer


Steve Nass

Candidate for Senate District 11


Van Wanggaard

Candidate for Senate District 21


Tyler August

Candidate for Assembly 32


Candidate for Assembly 61


Ed Hibsch

Candidate for Assembly 64

Frank Petrick

Candidate for Assembly 65


David Zoerner

Candidate for Sheriff


Zach Rodriguez

Candidate for Clerk of Courts

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