Join the Party

Why join the RPKC?

So you’re already a committed Republican, vote in every election, and try to write your elected officials when something important comes up. You pay attention to the news and try to avoid misinformation.  Maybe you’ve even volunteered a few times for a candidate’s campaign. Why should you join the Republican Party of Kenosha County? Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Automatic membership in the WI 1st District Republican Party, The Republican Party of Wisconsin, and the Republican National Committee. 
    With these additional memberships you’ll also be invited to events like the Annual 1st District Caucus, and the conventions for both the state and national Republican Parties.

  • Discounts on admission to select RPKC events
    You can receive discounts on admission to events like the annual Lincoln Day Dinner and Reagan Day Summer Picnic.

  • Invitations to RPKC events, including member-only events

    In addition to admission to our membership meetings and annual caucus, you’ll also have the opportunity to attend events such as a special guest reception before the Lincoln Day Dinner. There you can meet and get pictures with our main speakers and other honored guests.

  • A voting voice at the annual RPKC caucus

    Because caucus is a members-only event, membership allows you to take part in how the RPKC operates and to vote on members running for the Executive Board.  New members must begin their membership at least 30 days before the annual caucus to have voting privileges.

  • Potential nomination as a Delegate or Alternate at the Wisconsin State GOP Convention

    Kenosha County is allotted a certain number of voting Delegates at the annual WISGOP Convention. These Delegates vote on items such as endorsement of candidates and resolutions to be adopted by the state party. They can also make motions from the floor to introduce new resolutions. Alternates are allowed at the convention if all the allotted Delegate spaces cannot be filled.

  • Potential nomination as a Delegate or Alternate at the Republican National Convention
    The Republican National Convention is a fun-filled four days!  You can attend and enjoy your time with likeminded conservatives—many people come away feeling unified and reignited to get Republicans elected to office. While there are Delegates and Alternates that vote at the RNC, the vote is usually cast for whoever won the primary.

  • The opportunity to run for a position on the RPKC Executive Board

    The RPKC Executive Board is elected by the membership on a two-year cycle at the annual caucus. As a member, you’re eligible to run for any seat on the Executive Board, or you can be appointed by the Chair and voted in by the Executive Board if a position becomes available.

Red Level Membership, Chairman’s Circle

Single Membership: $125 / year.
Couples’ Membership: $220 / year.

Includes free admission to the annual Lincoln Day Dinner and the exclusive reception, as well as free admission to the annual Summer Picnic

White Level Membership, Kenosha “K” Club

Single Membership: $50 / year.
Couples’ Membership: $75 / year.

Includes free admission to the annual Summer Picnic

Blue Level General Membership

Single Membership: $20/year. Couples’ Membership: $30/year.
Senior Single Membership: $15/year. Senior Couples’ Membership: $25/year.
Veteran/Active Military Single Membership: $15/year. Veteran/Active Military Couples’ Membership: $25/year.
(Only one person in a couple is required to be a veteran or active military member)
Student Membership: $15/year.