Election Integrity

How Do We Ensure Election Integrity?

If you’re like most Republicans right now, you probably feel infuriated at the lack of election security in our state and our nation right now. There are clear instances of cheating and yet no one seems to be doing anything about it. You also probably feel a bit helpless—that’s the job of the Municipal Clerks and the Wisconsin Election Commission, right? WRONG. You can have a significant impact on demanding accountability in our elections by becoming an Election Inspector or an Election Observer.

Our government is based on We The People, so let’s take our elections back!

If you’re serious about election integrity, then you need to be pitching in at the elections themselves. If conservatives don’t stand up and help, we will continue to see corruption and lawlessness in our election process. We need your help to get the gears of the Democrat machine to grind to a halt and restore our voting voice.


What is an Election Inspector?

Having representation of both Republican and Democrat poll workers in every polling location is specifically written into state statutes and is one of the most effective ways to ensure the integrity of Wisconsin’s elections. Election Inspectors (also known as a Poll Inspectors or Poll Workers) are trained and paid by their local municipalities to register voters, issue ballots on election day, monitor voting equipment, explain the balloting process and voting equipment to voters on election day, assist with ballot counting, and help ensure all election laws are followed by everyone. The RPKC assists in recruiting and organizing poll workers for elections, and nominates poll workers every two years.

Even though this is the best way to directly ensure there is accountability in your local election locations, we sadly often have a significant amount of drop-outs or no-shows. This means election locations may be packed full of Democrat poll workers and only 1-2 Republicans. For this reason, we only want volunteers who are serious about election integrity and who are committed to working the polls. Each municipality decides on its own scheduling, so your hours and days may vary from place to place. Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before, you’ll be trained by your municipality and shown what to do. Contact us today if you’d like to make a huge difference and work the polls.

What is an Election Observer?

Unlike Election Inspectors, Election Observers (also known as Poll Observers) are unpaid and do not directly engage with voters or the voting process. Instead, they observe and elevate issues they see to the Chief Election Inspector at their polling location, the local clerk, and/or a specific candidate’s campaign or party. Poll observers can observe inside or outside polling locations, at central count facilities, or even at a recount. They often see things that the poll workers do not and are critical to the process. Election observing also offers more flexibility in shifts and hours.

If you’re interested in being directly involved with our municipal and county elections but want to learn more about elections first or need more flexibility, being an election observer is a great option. You can play a crucial role in ensuring our elections are being run lawfully and honestly, and there is training available before every election so you won’t be going in unprepared.